Sunday Worship

We invite you to come and join us for worship. If you are a visitor, someone will be here to greet you and show you around and answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you and hope you see Christ in what we say and do.

First Time Here

What to Expect


We are happy you are interested in New London Christian Church! We are a church family desiring to honor God, care for His children, and reach out to others with His love. These are exciting days for us. God is at work in a wonderful way, and we are grateful for His many blessings.

Please know we are here for you! Whatever need you might have, do not hesitate to let us know. We are far from perfect, forgiven by God's grace, desiring to be more like Jesus. Come along with us as we experience the joy and fulfillment of living the Christian life. 

Sincerely yours, Nate Cooper, Teaching Minister

If you've never been to one of our Sunday worship services, here's a few things you can expect: 


You'll find reserved parking spots up front...all for you, our guest! Just look for the "Visitor's Parking" signs posted near the main entrance.

If you are in need of handicap parking, you will find those spots just to the right of the carport.

A Kind "Hello!"

As you enter the foyer, several friendly members of our NLCC family should be there to say "Hi", provide you with a bulletin and help you with any questions you might have.


If you have them...great! 'Cuz we love kids and we are excited to share God with them. For more details on the when and where of our children's small groups, check out the full schedule of services below.


We have a couple of styles of music here at NLCC--some traditional with guitar and keyboard, some more contemporary with a full band (drums, guitars, keyboards). But whatever the style, our worship leaders have a heart for leading us to honor God through song. The music usually happens during the first part of each service. You can sit or stand...whatever you like!

Communion & Offering

Here's the thing...we know how awkward it can be to visit a church and feel like you have to participate in communion and even give money. Well, we just want to tell you up don't have to here! Communion and offering are included in the service for our church family. If you are in a relationship with Christ and want to participate because of your love for HIM...feel free, but there's no pressure!


During the last part of the service, you'll hear an interesting message taken right from the Bible...about God and life. Usually, it will be Nate Cooper, our preaching minister, but no matter who is speaking we hope you'll be challenged to think, ask questions, and move a little closer to knowing Jesus!

Hang Out

After the service, grab some coffee or hot chocolate in the kitchen and feel free to just hang out, meet someone new or catch up with old friends.

A Special Note to Our Guests

We are striving to be a 'peanut-free' facility.

We have several children with LIFE-THREATENING allergies (dairy, eggs, soy, fish and peanut/peanut products). These allergies prevent the children from being able to touch or eat any of these foods. Some of these allergies to peanuts/peanut products & fish prevent the children from being in the same room with fish OR even being around individuals who have eaten peanuts/peanut products. To keep these children as safe as we can, we are asking people to avoid bringing fish to NLCC. We are also STRIVING to be a "peanut free" facility. This includes ANY products w/peanuts, peanut oils, etc., etc. Please check labels thoroughly for "any traces of peanuts." If your children are afflicted with these or other allergies and will be involved in our nursery, preschool, or elementary ministry areas, please accompany him/her to the ministry area and inform a staff member immediately so appropriate precautions can be taken. 

Thank-you so much for helping us keep kids safe!

So there ya' have it; a little of what you can expect when you come to NLCC.

We hope to see you soon! 

Our Gatherings

When and Where

Our worship services are held at the main site, located at 2770 New London Road in New London.

The building is just south of Highway 34; you can't miss it!

Click the maps to get directions.

Sunday Morning Schedule

8:45AM Early Service

Nursery (birth thru age 3)

10:30AM Late Service

Nursery (birth thru age 3)

Preschool small groups (potty-trained 3's through 5 years)

Elementary small groups (K thru 5th)