In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus gives His church our marching orders; to go into all the world and make disciples who will also go and make disciples. Therefore NLCC gives fifteen percent (15%) of our total annual income to ministries outside of New London and on the other side of the world.

We also encourage our people to volunteer in area ministries and to go on short term mission trips.

For those who are interested in going on a short term mission trip – We have people who go to Ethiopia and Haiti. Call Rod at the office (319) 367-2627 ext. 2 and he can put you in touch with those who lead the trips.

Below is a list of ministries we support regularly, with some websites you can check out.

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission: www.nwhcm,org

Onesimus Drop In Center, Ethiopia: www.onhispath.org

Mission To The Nations (India Pastor support): www.missiontothenations.com

Deaf Missions: www.deafmissions.com

Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch: www.shilohranch.org

Mt. Pleasant Christian School: www.mtpleasantchristian.com

Central Christian College of the Bible: www.cccb.edu

Lamoine Christian Camp: www.lamoinecamp.com