Children's Ministry

Welcome to NLCC's Children's Ministry!

We know children grow and learn in amazing ways...and they do it quickly! That's why we want to make the most of every Sunday by working hard to create three safe & exciting environments specially designed for your kids! Nothing is more important in your child's life than understanding Who God Is! And we are honored to have the opportunity to come alongside you to help introduce your children to their loving Heavenly Father!

We want to provide a safe environment for your children here at NLCC. Because of that, we ask that you register your child prior to taking them to class - You can also register them at the church. On Sunday mornings, bring your child to one of the three check-in locations and check them in using your phone number or a complimentary key tag. When you check your child in, you will receive both a tag for your child and a check-out receipt with an alphanumeric code. To check your children out at the conclusion of the day, just show your receipt to your child's small group leader!

Want to skip the lines on Sunday morning check in? We now have express check in! Check out this video to guide you through the process! 

God's Big Back Yard


God's Big Back Yard is our nursery environment designed for children birth through 3 years old. 

Divided into three separate rooms, kids can play with fun toys and great adults and student assistants! 

The three rooms look like this:

GBBY Room 1: This is a place for infants and crawlers, from newborns to newly mobile, this is a safe and loving place where your child can be while you attend services!

GBBY Room 2: This is our 2's and 3's room, where we start to introduce structure and some activities crafted for this age range, it's here in this room where your child will be introduced to Jesus' teachings!

GBBY Room 3 : This is our walkers class. If your child is toddling, this is the place for them- full of caring adults and students trained to show your child Jesus' love through play!

Are you a God's Big Back Yard volunteer looking for the schedule? Click Here!

The Treehouse

3- 5 year olds

If you have a child in the preschool years, they will love our preschool environment! It's called The Treehouse, and it's designed for potty-trained 3 year olds through non kindergarten 5 year olds. At the treehouse we want EVERY child who attends God's Big Back Yard and The Treehouse to experience & explore the WONDER of Who God is, by knowing: 

  • God made me! 
  • God loves me! 
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever! 

For more information about the FIRST LOOK curriculum, click here.

Route 252

K-5th Grade

Our elementary environment is named Route 252 and is specifically designed for K-5th graders. Each week our ministry teams work hard to bring your Kindergartners through 5th graders another safe & exciting experience in the adventure of learning Who God Is! We want EVERY child who attends elementary small groups to DISCOVER a relationship with God by knowing: 

  • I can trust God no matter what. 
  • I need to make the wise choice. 
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated. 

For more information about the 252 BASICS curriculum, click here

We hope to see you soon!